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Actor Jon Favreau calls on the help of pro-chef for new movie

Actor, director and screenwriter Jon Favreau's new project has a whole lot of culinary flair. The independent film "Chef," which stars Favreau as well as other big names such as Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson, premiered at the South by Southwest (SXSW) media festival in Austin, Texas, this weekend. The movie will open nationwide on May 9.

To research his role as a chef named Carl Casper, Favreau enlisted the help of professional cooks. He specifically called on chef Roy Choi, who rose to fame by starting up a food truck that served Korean-inspired tacos.

"Choi helped Favreau learn the tricks of the trade and said by the end of the film, the star was cooking all the food for the scenes in the movie," Jon Herskovitz writes in an article for Reuters.
"Maybe the food truck does not have as much money as being a big chef, but you never have to compromise your visions," Choi tells the news source.

The new film tells the story of Casper throughout his culinary journey. Within the movie, he gets fired from his restaurant job and sets out to create a food truck business. 

Favreau is no stranger to the culinary world. The actor and filmmaker is obsessed with cooking shows and even served as a guest judge on Season 11 of Top Chef. He's intrigued by the notion that the modern-day chef can become a mega-celebrity and wanted to bring this concept to the big screen. 

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