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Actress Emmy Rossum shares stories of childhood nannies

Emmy Rossum, star of the hit TV series "Shameless," has her childhood nannies to thank for her successful acting career. In a recent interview with Complex magazine, the starlet shared her culturally diverse upbringing. The actress began her career when she was seven years old when she joined the Metropolitan Opera Children's Chorus. She rose to fame after being cast in Clint Eastwood's "Mystic River."

Rossum was raised by a few nannies, one of them an Austrian woman named Gertie, whom Rossum called a "great nanny." 

Like many parents, Rossum's mother chose nannies with lengthy life experience to watch over her children.

"[My nannies] were all women who were in their 60s—my mom wouldn't let anyone who was of procreating age take care of me," Rossum told E! News. "My nannies taught me that if you wanted it bad enough, impossible things could happen, like your dad coming back."

Even though Rossum admits that she didn't always get everything she wanted, her nannies helped her forward in her acting career. She revealed hat she often felt disappointed when things didn't go her way, and uses those feelings from her childhood to help enhance her characters. 

As you can see, a nanny can have an important impact on a child's life, even when they grow into adulthood. 

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