Administering medications, caregivers relieve side effects and stress

For many elderly individuals in the United States, assisted living is the only option. Whether your loved one simply can’t get around very well anymore, needs to be driven on a regular basis or has a condition that requires long periods of bed rest, they will need someone to help them with everyday tasks. Short of moving your relative into an assisted living facility, which can be a traumatic experience, live-in nurses and caregivers are your best option.

Caregivers offer peace of mind. They are trained professionals, in some cases certified nurse practitioners, who can take care of errands and other tasks in addition to providing medical care and supervision to your loved one. When it comes to medication, medical training is a critical skill that these specialists have.

It’s often the case that your elderly family member will be prescribed a number of medications, sometimes just for one condition. Just knowing when to administer certain doses can prove a daunting task, let alone keeping an eye out for any one of the many side effects that could emerge at any time.

Live-in nurses are often intimately familiar with the interactions medications can have, and can help your relative avoid pain, discomfort or health risk by planning out dosage and administering medication properly. There are also seminars and courses available that will teach family members the basics, but having a trained professional is always preferable.

In the event that side effects do manifest themselves, your caregiver can become an advocate for you and your family in the doctor’s office, something which could end up saving your loved one’s life and allowing them to live in comfort.

If one of your loved ones is in need of additional care, Colonial Domestic Agency has a number of qualified live-in nurses and caregivers available for your review. Contact us today to find your relative’s perfect match.

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