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Airlines offer chauffeured service to connecting flights

Even if you always try to travel on non-stop routes, you may find yourself dealing with connecting flights if you’re engaging in long distance international travel. Hauling your suitcase through the terminal and frantically searching for your gate only to then miss your flight can’t possibly be enjoyable for anyone. For some very special travelers, the hassle of getting to a connecting flight may be a thing of the past. A growing number of airlines are picking up select passengers from their incoming flight and chauffeuring them in luxury vehicles across the tarmac to their new gate.

Customers of United Airlines landing at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas may find a Mercedes-Benz SUV waiting to take them to their next flight.

“It is designed to surprise and delight our top customers who may be anxious about missing a connecting flight,” a spokesman for the airline said in a press release.

While United’s program is currently limited to Houston, competitors offer the service at other domestic and international airports. In Atlanta, Delta Airlines has a fleet of Porsche Cayennes with the sole purpose of whisking elite passengers around the mammoth Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

According to the Wall Street Journal, European airlines Air France and Lufthansa have taken the service one step further, not just chauffeuring passengers between connecting flights, but also driving customers waiting in lounges to their planes.

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