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An introduction to protocol for estate managers

If you're seeking to advance your career as a house manager or estate manager, one of the most important skills employers look for is a knowledge of protocol. Although protocol is an umbrella term, at its most basic level it is a set of guidelines for appropriate etiquette and behavior. The most established form of protocol stems from interactions between heads of state and their honored guests in an informal, but diplomatic, format.

Protocol training allows estate managers to behave with poise, as well as plan and host events properly.

This skill encompasses more than just simply good manners. Also crucial is an understanding of precedence among diplomatic and military officials, which determines priority in terms of introductions, seating arrangements, etc. Cultural sensitivity is another essential element in protocol training. 

There are a number of training and certification programs available, however, be sure to enroll in an accredited program if you hope to truly advance your career. The Protocol School of Washington is one such example, which provides courses focused both on international protocol, the traditional iteration of this skill set, and business protocol, for those who will not be exposed to state officials in their line of work.

Estate managers who are ready for the next step in their career would do well to investigate these and similar protocol certification programs, in order to ensure that they have the necessary skills to make them an attractive candidate.

When you apply with Colonial Domestic Agency for estate manager positions, we'll provide you relevant feedback on your experience within the industry and match you with potential employers looking for your particular talents.

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