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Are chauffeurs and Pokémon Go players a match made in heaven?

When a private chauffeur takes the wheel, they free up the employer to get work done during the ride. However, it doesn't necessarily have to be work: it could be something as simple as playing the hit new mobile game Pokémon Go. While it might sound silly, the game has swept the globe and has taken over so much time that some players have tried to take part in it while driving, an incredibly unsafe proposition. 

Multiple news sources have commented on the rise of the "Pokémon Go chauffeur" trend, which could help motorists stay safe while giving them time to focus on play. Since the game rewards travel, getting the chance to catch Pokémon while on the move can be very important.

Specific services are emerging to take advantage of the game's popularity. From Canada to Texas, locals are realizing the problems associated with this particular use of mobile tech and the road. The Minneapolis Star Tribune quoted Sabrina Caprioli of AAA Minneapolis on the very real danger of letting your attention wander while a car is in motion. 

"Folks should not be attempting to use any mobile apps while they're driving," she said. "If you're not fully focused on driving, you are increasing your risk of an accident," said spokeswoman Sabrina Caprioli. "Games are meant to be fun — causing an accident and/or hurting someone isn't a part of that."

You don't have to be a hardcore Pokémon player to see what this says about hiring a professional driver. This is just one part of the larger trend of using a mobile device while driving. Whether it's reading, doing work or simply playing a game, it's always easier and safer to use a phone when you're in the back seat instead of the driver's seat.

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