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Are you cut out for a career in private service?

If you're thinking about going into domestic services, you should know that it takes a certain type of person to become a housekeeper, nanny, chauffeur, personal assistant or estate manager. The qualities that best suit one for these roles can't be summed up easily, and often you won't know if you fit the bill until you begin working in the field. However, we can explain a few of the characteristics that make up an excellent private staff member, to better help you understand whether or not you're suited for a career in private service.

In this industry the one and only role that you fill is service. You are living your life for the life of your principal and his or her family, and whether you're the estate manager or just a housekeeper, you always need to be focused on the service you provide. Careers in this industry can be rich and rewarding, as long as you're suited to the service lifestyle.

Below are a few of the characteristics that are required of anyone looking to thrive in this field:

Charisma – In order to not only make a good first impression to ingratiate yourself into the life of your employer as a positive influence, you'll need to be a charismatic person. Charisma can't be faked, but one can certainly learn to be more outgoing when appropriate and be someone who others genuinely enjoy spending time with. 

Flexibility – Flexibility is key to being in domestic services. Especially as an estate manager or butler, your employer may need to call upon you at unusual hours and outside of normal circumstances. Being able to go with the flow and adapt quickly to any change in scenario will play a key role in being successful in these jobs.

Patience – Perhaps the most important characteristic that a domestic staff member needs to have is patience. Whether it's handling unruly house guests, cleaning up someone else's mess or taking strange orders from your employer, having patience will be your lifesaver in times of stress.

Strength – Both physical and mental strength are required to be a household staff member. You must also be strong of will, knowing when to stand up for what you believe is right by either turning down a job or making sure that things go well for your employer. This strength will likely permeate your personality and be helpful in landing you a job in the first place.

Understanding – Being an understanding person is another important quality of domestic services. It helps you to understand where your principal is coming from, how to adapt to various situations and to know what is truly important in the work you're doing. Furthermore, this characteristic underscores the others mentioned above, setting the foundation for a strong personality that is well suited to this industry.

Whether you want to be an estate manager or a maid, these personal traits will see you well through this industry. And if you truly want to enter it, but feel you're lacking in one of these areas, most of them are learnable skills that you can develop quickly or even on the job.

For those who think they have what it takes to enter the domestic staffing field, contact Colonial Domestic Agency. Our expert job placement services can help you find the right household that fits your personality and skills and start you on a lucrative career that you will find rewarding and beneficial.

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