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Are you jealous of your nanny?

If you're a new parent you may find that hiring someone to look over your children when you're not around, although a necessity, is also a big adjustment. Some moms may have difficulty setting boundaries and may even feel jealous of their nanny.

It's difficult to leave your child behind while you enter the workforce again. After all, you've spent nine months carrying your baby and many more days feeding him and watching him grow. Now an outsider is taking over, possibly leaving you with an array of thoughts ranging from, "Is my child safe in someone else's hands?" to "Will my child love his nanny more than me?"

Recently, writer Lora Lee examined these feelings in an article for the South China Morning Post.

"You should treat your relationship with your nanny like a partnership," Lee suggests. "She is there to help you when you can't be present. You could spend more quality time with your child. Dinner, bath and bed times are great for bonding; maybe you can make it clear that certain tasks will be your responsibility so the child associates that time with mummy."

Plain and simple, a mother's love is a lot different than the love a nanny has for the children she takes care of. Nothing can break the bond of a mother and child and your nanny's responsibility is to make motherhood easier on you instead of causing unnecessary stress.

Like Lee suggests, it's important to set boundaries. For instance, if reading your children a bedtime story after you get home from your long day is a ritual you want to keep, let your nanny know. 

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