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Being a nanny to the stars can be strenuous but rewarding

A long-time celebrity nanny discussed the rigors and rewards of working with the stars with Sunday Style, part of the News Corp Australia network. The supernanny offered some advice to those looking for nanny jobs in LA or other parts of the globe, as well as some insight into the daily routines of many of the world's rich and famous.

Philippa Christian, who has been working as a professional nanny for 15 years, entered the industry "by accident," taking a job as a babysitter for a family friend who also happened to be a star athlete in Australia. Since then Christian has worked for actors, royalty, presidents, supermodels and, at the time, the sixth richest man in the world.

"It's a very hard job to get into," Christian told the source. "There is a small, trusted circle of nannies that VIP families use, and you tend to get jobs through word of mouth and recommendations."

Being a nanny to celebrities can be demanding, with long hours and unusual requests. She revealed that many change their minds quickly, requesting all-vegan diets for their children one day, then flying in expensive, exotic meats for dinner the next. However, the perks more than make up for the demands. Christian told the Sunday Style that she had gotten to take a family's private jet halfway across the globe just to buy rare candy, and often receives gifts from her employers, from clothing to jewelry.

Being a celebrity nanny in LA may require some additional skill sets however, as Christian revealed she has had to take special driving courses to help her escape paparazzi.

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