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British Chancellor’s cat gets a chauffeured ride home

Freya, the pet cat of British Chancellor George Osborne, received a chauffeured ride home after getting lost near a building site near Vauxhall in London. The pet was discovered mewing by a group of women who took Freya in for the night before Osborne's personal chauffeur picked the cat up and took it back to his home on Downing Street.

According to The Telegraph, this isn't the first time Osborne's driver had to retrieve the priced pet. Just a few months after being adopted by the Osborne's the cat went missing for three years before being discovered living as a stray. Freya was returned thanks to microchip technology.

"She can get everywhere. You'd only have to bug her to find out half the Government's secrets," a Conservative source told The Telegraph.

The news source also noted that Freya had been discovered in some of the most secure areas of the Foreign office, inside a Cabinet room at Number 10 Downing Street and in the command center during Royal Navy exercises. 

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