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Busy parents should consider a personal chef

Busy parents with 40-plus-hour workweeks who must also assist their children in extracurricular activities may have very little time to prepare a nutritious dinner for their families. If you are trying to increase the amount of meaningful time that you spend with your spouse and children, consider hiring a private chef

Many people have the misconception that personal chefs are only for celebrities or for the ultra wealthy, but a growing number of regular families — usually from two-income households — are hiring them as well. Shopping, planning, cooking and cleaning are all time-consuming activities that many professionals with children can't fit into their schedules. Others have specific dietary needs and would prefer someone to cook in their homes rather than constantly order take-out or eat in restaurants. 

Personal chefs also benefit from their employers. Madeleine Dee, a chef from Kentucky, told USA TODAY that her career working directly with people has been rewarding. 

"What is wonderful about being a personal chef is that I can do whatever the client wants," Dee told the source. "I cook all sorts of cuisines, for people of all different backgrounds and careers. It is enjoyable to work for myself. I do everything on my own terms, and learn something new every day."

Many employers, in turn, appreciate having a chef who cares about their culinary needs and desires. 

If you are considering hiring a personal chef, contact Colonial Domestic Agency for help with your search. Our counselors can assist you in finding a candidate whose skills match those needed by your family. 

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