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Butlers in the movies: Fact vs. Fiction

California is the land of Hollywood and the movie industry. Many films include butlers as characters quietly working in the background. If you're interested in hiring a butler to help on your property, do you know how they can help?

While every family's needs are different, a butler can be in charge of creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests as soon as they enter, keeping the wardrobe of the head of the house in pristine order as well as working with a chef to keep the pantry well stocked. We take a closer look at three of Hollywood's most famous butlers. Are they closer to fact or fiction?

Alfred Pennyworth from Batman
According to Wired Magazine, Alfred first appeared in the Batman comics in 1943. He takes care of the Wayne Manor – setting up meals as well as looking after Bruce Wayne. Alfred, with his impeccable manners and well-tailored suit, is closer to fact. A butler can work as an intermediary between the homeowners and the kitchen, as well as working with other members of the household, such as the cleaning staff and nannies.

Max from Hart to Hart
Also featured in Wired's Top 10 Butlers in Pop Culture, Max wears many hats in the household: he is part-butler, part-chauffeur. You may be able to chalk up this role closer to Pop Culture fiction. A butler usually focuses on managing the wine cellar and working with vendors when you host a party. However, when posting for a position on Colonial Domestic Agency, you can develop a customized position that includes everything you need!

Wadsworth from Clue
Wadsworth can serve a perfect brandy, make sure to have artisan meals prepared in time for dinner – and have just enough time to solve a crime. His duties, when not trying to find a criminal, fall closer to fact: He coordinated dinner with the head cook in anticipation of an evening party and made sure to inform the housekeeper of the duties that were needed before guests arrived.

Bringing a butler on your staff can help you run your home more efficiently. Whether you prefer working with a dry-humored Englishman, such as Alfred, or more of a free spirit such as Max, Colonial Domestic Agency can help you find the right fit. Call us today to learn more!

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