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Can you afford to hire domestic staff?

One question that is frequently asked by those considering hiring domestic staff is whether they can afford it or not. There is an association with hiring a personal chef, housekeepers or a nanny that only the wealthy can afford to bring these helpers into their homes. However, this is a misconception that can quickly be remedied. Take hiring a personal chef for example:

According to StyleBlueprint, nearly any family can afford a personal chef on their budget. Consider how often your family dines out. Much of that cost would cover the same meal being prepared by a chef in your own home. The average American family dines out two nights a week and may order in even more frequently. Furthermore, the average budget for those meals can easily reach $200 per person per week. For many families, this money alone could cover hiring a personal chef.

Furthermore, factor in food and leftovers that go bad because they go uneaten. Many families purchase fresh vegetables for meals that rot because they end up dining out when schedules get busy or the primary cook in the home had a stressful day. These costs add up as well.

Even if you only hire a chef to come in for part of the week, you can reduce your stress. Consider what night of the week you most often dine out or order delivery, and hire a chef to cover that evening. Not only will you reduce your expenses, but it will be a great treat for your family as well.

If you're considering hiring a personal chef or any other domestic staff, contact Colonial Domestic Agency for more assistance in finding the perfect fit for your household.

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