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Can your nanny be ‘too old?’

After several months of speculation about whether or not they would hire a nanny for their son, George, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recently found a full-time caregiver. Jessie Webb, who was Prince William's childhood nanny, will now be playing a similar role for the infant prince. The 71-year-old caregiver expressed some concerns about taking on the job at her age, but ultimately decided to continue her work for the royal family. The Stir, a parenting blog, recently posed a question regarding Webb and the nannying profession as a whole: Can a child care specialist be too old?

In the case of Webb, her age and experience are assets. After caring for Princes William and Harry, she worked for another royal, Viscount Linley, looking after his son and daughter. Working for the British Royal Family is different from working from most other families, according to The Stir, so it would make sense that William and Kate would bring in an employee who didn't need to be taught these nuances. 

So, what about an older nanny's health? Older people have less energy and are less likely to be in peak physical condition, but that may not be an issue until a child is able to walk and run about the house. Even so, every person is different, and nannies who truly love their work may be just as capable of doing their job as there were a decade before. 

A nanny's age is not the only thing you should take into consideration when a hiring a caregiver for your children. Experience and passion for the work play an important role as well. If you are interested in hiring a nanny, contact Colonial Domestic Agency today. Our skilled counselors will only match you with applicants whose qualifications match your family's needs.

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