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Celebrate Valentine’s Day in style with a personal chef

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so if you don't already have a plan it's time to get moving on getting a romantic night set up. One of the best ways to impress your date this February 14 is to plan an elegant dinner, but instead of going out this year, why not invest in a personal chef to make the evening more private?

A private chef can cook you a meal in your own home, catering to a specific menu. This will help make the night more magical and deliver a memorable Valentine's Day for you and your valentine.

Hiring a personal chef for Valentine's Day, or year round, offers many advantages, such as:

Customizing the menu – Being able to customize your menu means you can ensure that you and your date get exactly the meal you want. This can be tricky at a restaurant if one of you has a strict diet. It also allows you to mix in foods that might never appear on a normal menu, such as a gourmet Chinese dinner with milkshakes for dessert.

Eliminating reservations – Rather than calling weeks or even months in advance to get a reservation at a fancy restaurant for Valentine's Day, you won't have to worry about a wait at all. Dinner will be ready exactly when you want to eat, catering to a more relaxed, atmospheric evening at home.

Personalizing the night – With a private chef you get to personalize your entire evening: Using your own dinnerware, customizing the wine selection, selecting your own music and minimizing the hassle. Simply by bringing a personal chef into your kitchen you are able to make your date, rather than the dinner reservation, the focal point of the evening.

Treat you and your valentine like royalty this Valentine's Day, or year round, by hiring a personal chef. Contact Colonial Domestic Agency for more information on bringing any domestic staff into your home.

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