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Celebrity athletes benefit from personal chef

Hiring a personal chef can help you meet a specific diet, and that’s a particularly valuable thing for athletes. Professionals are famous for their strict diets and routines, often watching their intake so they have enough energy to do their best. How do you do all that while also providing delicious meals? Experienced chefs will know the way, and we can see multiple examples of this in recent news.

The New Orleans Advocate recently profiled Paul Payne, a chef for athletes and movie stars. One of his clients is Daniel Ellerbee of the New Orleans Saints, and it’s Payne’s job to prepare meals for the football player that meet dietary guidelines.

Saints head coach Sean Payton told The Advocate about the way nutritional thought for athletes has changed over the years, with a nutritionist steering the team away from fried chicken and toward more efficient meals.

“The nutritionist comes in and says, ‘Well, that’s the important meal! They’re going to be playing on that the next day!’ ” the coach told the source. “A lot of times, not just in football, we do things because that was just on the itinerary before us. So, I think it’s changed quite a bit in the last six years.”

NBC North Carolina affiliate WCNC recently focused on swimmer Ryan Lochte’s personal chef, Glenn Lyman. According to this article, Lyman has to help his client consume 8,000 calories every day, using a combination of nutritious foods. He also recommended constant hydration for his client.

Whether you have a special dietary condition or are simply trying to meet a certain weight goal, hiring a personal chef can give you some much-needed in-house assistance. Work with Colonial Domestic Agency to find someone with the professional experience needed to understand your specific goals.

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