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Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver hopes to end childhood obesity

British celebrity and personal chef Jamie Oliver is making it his mission to reduce childhood obesity in the United Kingdom by at least 5 percent in the next five years.

The chef spoke at a pre-event to Food Revolution Day (which will be held May 16), a global initiative aimed at encouraging children to eat healthy.

"I know to some of you I'm like a broken record. You've heard me talking about food and its impact on the health of our nation for many years, but you've got to hand it to me, at least I'm consistent – I won't ever stop demanding positive change that gives the next generation a brighter future," he said at the event.

Oliver expressed his concern that hardly any British politicians have taken an initiative to inspire children to make healthier food choices. He continued his speech by stating that healthy food does not have to be expensive or pretentious, and it's all about incorporating variety into your family meals. Families need to avoid the marketing and advertising from the junk food industry and make healthy choices for their children to ensure a better future.

One of the best ways to make sure that you and your family are receiving the right nutrition is to hire a personal chef. Often times, busy moms and dads simply don't have the time to prepare nutritious lunches and dinners for their children. A personal chef can tailor their menu to your family's wants and needs.

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