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Celebrity nanny shares tricks for new parents

When it comes to raising babies, few are more experienced than Helen Moon, who has been in the childcare business for decades and knows kids better than practically anyone else. This British-born nanny is known for being great with kids, and has become somewhat of an expert in the field, releasing books and speaking at events about the best ways to raise children. 

Her techniques aren’t just for childcare professionals like herself, Helen specializes in passing on tips and tricks to new parents so that they can confidently raise their children without fear that they will do something wrong. This celebrity nanny has just released another book, titled “Cherish the first six weeks: A plan that creates calm, confident parents and a happy, secure baby.”

While promoting the text, she stopped by Child Mode, a mother/child focused blog, to draw on her years of industry experience and offer some advice to new mommies and daddies. For the readers of the blog, she made a list of essential recommendations that will aid in the child-rearing process – from absorbent changing pads to the best nail files that won’t hurt a little one’s fingers. 

In addition to being a childcare expert, Helen Moon has worked with a number of high-profile families, and understands the importance of discretion in these situations. Colonial Domestic Agency has the resumes of many experienced nannies with a proven track record of using the best techniques for raising children and staying out of the public eye when necessary, so that your little ones have a great upbringing no matter what. 

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