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Celebrity personal chef brings food truck to Bonnaroo for third year

Rick Ross's personal cook, Jeremiah Bullfrog, founded one of Miami's first food trucks – gastroPod. The chef has worked with the rapper for years, and for the past three has brought his culinary skills to the music festival as well. This year, however, the entrep​renuer is bringing in a new type of semi-permanent establishment, built in a shipping container, to provider a different quality of service.

"Bringing in a food truck for years gets old," noted Bullfrog, according to The Tennessean. "It's like camping: Do we have enough water? Did everyone go to the bathroom? Is there gas in the generator?"

The shipping container includes a full kitchen, much like a food truck, but with easier storage for essentials. It also was built with a deck and outdoor seating to bring a little comfort to Bonnoroovians who might prefer to eat sitting down.

Bullfrog has long catered to unusual requests from Ross, often on minimal instructions such as: "8 o'clock. Six people. Make it sexy," the news source reported. This has helped him develop unique menus – including this year's Bonnaroo fare, which is inspired by the 20th anniversary of the film Pulp Fiction – including options like a "Royale with Cheese" and "The Big Kahuna." His efforts should be an inspiration to aspiring chefs, both professional and personal.

While being a personal chef isn't always as luxurious as Bullfrog's ability to run a food truck company and cater to a famous rapper seems to be, it offers a unique career path for anyone with a flair for the culinary arts and a love for the kitchen. Colonial Domestic Agency can help aspiring cooks find positions throughout Los Angeles, some with the rich and famous, or more low-key positions for those that prefer less extravagant bosses.

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