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Celebrity personal chef brings food truck to Bonnaroo for third year

Rick Ross’s personal cook, Jeremiah Bullfrog, founded one of Miami’s first food trucks – gastroPod. The chef has worked with the rapper for years, and for the past three has brought his culinary skills to the music festival as well. This year, however, the entreprenuer is bringing in a new type of semi-permanent establishment, built in a shipping container, to provider a different quality of service.

“Bringing in a food truck for years gets old,” noted Bullfrog, according to The Tennessean. “It’s like camping: Do we have enough water? Did everyone go to the bathroom? Is there gas in the generator?”

The shipping container includes a full kitchen, much like a food truck, but with easier storage for essentials. It also was built with a deck and outdoor seating to bring a little comfort to Bonnoroovians who might prefer to eat sitting down.

Bullfrog has long catered to unusual requests from Ross, often on minimal instructions such as: “8 o’clock. Six people. Make it sexy,” the news source reported. This has helped him develop unique menus – including this year’s Bonnaroo fare, which is inspired by the 20th anniversary of the film Pulp Fiction – including options like a “Royale with Cheese” and “The Big Kahuna.” His efforts should be an inspiration to aspiring chefs, both professional and personal.

While being a personal chef isn’t always as luxurious as Bullfrog’s ability to run a food truck company and cater to a famous rapper seems to be, it offers a unique career path for anyone with a flair for the culinary arts and a love for the kitchen. Colonial Domestic Agency can help aspiring cooks find positions throughout Los Angeles, some with the rich and famous, or more low-key positions for those that prefer less extravagant bosses.

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