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Chauffeurs also play the role of bodyguard

For certain employers, the need for personal protection can vary—from a CEO dealing with threats, to a celebrity who doesn't want to be bothered by fans during a night out. Drivers already have to protect their employers by transporting them safely from one point to the next, and providing private security seems to be a natural extension of that role. Many chauffeurs are now being hired to also work as bodyguards.

An article in Limo Charter & Tour Magazine (LCT) featured this growing business and detailed its advantages and disadvantages. Finding a person qualified to serve both roles can sometimes be difficult. Although there are bodyguard training centers, the level of quality can vary from school to school. For this reason, retired and off-duty police officers are the most in-demand applicants for this position.

"Clients generally feel safer knowing their protective chauffeur is a former or current law enforcement officer," said Joseph Cummings, CEO Elegant Transportation Corporation in an interview with the source.

Police officers also already have concealed weapons permits that enable them to carry firearms. It can be difficult for private citizens to obtain these licenses especially in cities like Los Angeles and New York City that have very strict restrictions.

If a chauffeur/ bodyguard is going to carry a weapon, he or she should be mindful that there are places where firearms are not allowed with or without a permit, including airports and government buildings. Most insurance companies also do not cover damages caused by firing a weapon.

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