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Chauffeurs can be kind as well as timely

A chauffeur or professional driver can be both timely and good-hearted. CBS New York recently reported on the case of a driver who stopped to pick up a dog wandering into traffic. According to the source, the driver, Garrick Quinones, was on the job when he spotted the limping animal. Fortunately, he was able to retrieve the dog successfully and brought it to a local police station.

As someone in need of a personal driver, this can be a good sign of the lengths that caring professionals will go to. ABC News reported that Quinones is not just a limo driver, but the owner of his company. He described the rescue and the way the dog responded when he decided to pick him up and bring him inside the car.

"At first, the dog was a little nervous and wouldn't let me grab his paw," Quinones said to ABC. "He was a well-kept and very nice and affectionate little guy. He was really friendly. He licked my hand at one point and was really grateful."

This situation might not occur all the time, but when it does, what kind of person do you want driving you? Someone who is reliable, as well as empathetic, may make a difference to clients. Having a cool head will also serve drivers well, and reassure passengers that even unexpected situations won't upset things too much.

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