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Chicago personal chefs open up about their profession

Many people may think that personal chefs only work for executives, celebrities or other ultra-wealthy individuals. The Chicago Sun-Times recently reported on a group of local chefs who want the public to know that they have a wide range of clients. Personal chefs can provide much-needed help for buy families who may not have the time to prepare daily meals. 

Chef Roger Green worked in corporate catering for over a decade before he decided to to move into a home environment. He told the Sun-Times that most of his clients are people that you would consider to be "regular folks" who just need some help in the kitchen.

"These are people who are busy," Greene said to the source. "Typically they're D.I.N.K.S. — dual income, no kids. Or double income with children — a child or two. These are corporate types. They're not necessarily rich-rich, but they're well employed. They live in apartments or they own their own home. They go to the gym and they get home at seven o'clock, and there's a nanny involved."

After having his clients list their culinary likes and dislikes, Greene does all of the grocery shopping for a family and then prepares 20 meals — five days worth for four people.

Stephanie Jensen, another experienced personal chef, sees herself as providing an important service for families who would otherwise eat out all the time. She told the Sun-Times that the food she provides is usually less expensive and most likely healthier than what would be served at a restaurant.

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