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Christina Milian thanks nanny in interview

Popular blog Celebrity Baby Scoop recently posted a brief interview with Christina Milian, current star judge of The Voice in the United Kingdom and pop sensation. Milian’s daughter, Violet, just recently turned three, and the star said that she’s had a lot of helping hands to raise her daughter the right way while maintaining her celebrity status.

“I have a wonderful support system consisting of my mom, my sisters, and a nanny. My nanny is very, very helpful. Everyone around me has been so helpful. All of my friends have been so supportive and they love my daughter. She adjusts well in any situation,” Milian told the blog at a GBK Luxury Lounge event.

Other celebrity news outlets, like OK! Magazine, have reported in recent months that Milian is considering having a second child now that Violet is nearly a preschooler. As a single mother, it’s likely that she will need even more help to care for two young children.

Whether you’re a socialite, celebrity, or hardworking professional, coordinating your schedule to ensure that your child’s first years are enriching and full of love can be a difficult prospect, and often family members can only help so much. Live-in or live-out nannies in Los Angeles are the ideal solution for busy families.

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