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Cleaning the most important spaces before a party

As September winds to a close, we find ourselves heading towards the holiday season: October, November and December will all pose several opportunities for a big bash, and that means getting your home ready for company. No matter how much space you have to take care of, domestic housekeepers can be a big help with your property, especially with the main areas where guests will hang out.

One way to divide up cleaning is to focus on the key areas. If you own a large house or apartment, chances are the party won't have people cramming into every room. This gives you freedom to prioritize the surfaces guests are going to see: kitchen countertops, floors and other features. Get the sinks clean and tackle any dirt or hair on your couches.

If you're not showing off every last inch of your house, that also allows you to be a little lenient with storage. You don't have to do a full-scale cleanout, for example, if you have some storage places to stash clutter. What the guests don't see won't bother them! At the same time, make sure there's closet space for your visitors, too, especially if you know they'll be bringing coats and other accessories.

Another part of pre party cleaning is decorating. Don't just clean the well-trafficked areas. Dress them up a little! Of course, you'll have a better chance to do this once things have been tidied up a bit. When someone else is helping with the brunt of the work, the homeowner can be more involved in decoration.

Find a great housekeeper to help you with both everyday tasks and big events. Colonial Domestic will bring you closer to finding professional cleaners with experience, making the search less difficult.

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