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Clothes make the chauffer: Being mindful about your outfit

Life as a Los Angeles chauffeur is almost certain to keep you behind the wheel often. Despite this, as a driver, you'll need to be aware of what you wear and how you look while on duty. Even though you spend the majority of your time driving, your cleanliness and presentation can make an impression when you do step out of the car. 

For many staff members, this could seem like common sense. Yet, at a time when casual ride-sharing services are popular, there's something to be said for chauffeurs standing out. A clean, well-put-together suit certainly can do the trick, and leave your client feeling more pampered as a result. It also sends the message that you're alert, professional and come to the job prepared.

Professional chauffeur Raymond Torres spoke to Ozy recently about what goes into his routine. Torres, who has worked for multiple high-profile celebrities, said that the fancy dress is about more than "just looking nice."

"I wear a black three-piece suit with a tie and leather shoes," he said. "I make sure that my clothes are dry-cleaned and that everything's spotless. You got to look like a chauffeur and you got to act like one, because you're professional."

Of course, experienced drivers may know all of this already through their years on the job. Still, it's important to remember what kind of message you're sending when you take chauffeur jobs. Handle this aspect well and you could leave a client with a great impression.

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