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Components to consider before hiring a nanny

Hiring a full-time nanny isn't always the easiest task. In fact, some parents even compare the process to online dating.

"If you've ever been online dating, you know what it's like to try and find a nanny. You go a lot on gut feeling," writes Buzz Bishop for There are many components you need to consider before bestowing your trust upon another person:

  • Go beyond the resume: A resume can tell you a lot about a person, but it can't always show someone's values. Be sure that you get to know your nanny, or any other household employee, beyond the piece of paper that represents her. This way, you can see if she is truly a good match for your kids.
  • Understand the role: It is best to know exactly what you want. For instance, will the nanny live in your house or only work for you during weekdays? Do you want someone who can drive your kids to soccer practice? Would you also like your nanny to cook dinners and perform household chores, or will she just be looking after your kids? Experts recommend writing your wants and goals on a list so you can ensure that all of your expectations are met.

One of the great things about finding a nanny through Colonial Domestic Agency is that we ensure that you are getting top-quality employees. We take the time to screen all of our nannies and thoroughly match you and your children with the appropriate caretaker. Breathe easy knowing that your children are in good hands.

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