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Dehydration joins Los Angeles cuisine scene

Injecting new life into your cuisine can be as easy as introducing a new cooking implement into the kitchen. The Los Angeles Times recently looked at the way dehydrators are seeing more use throughout restaurants in the area.

Typically, this is a specialty device for making jerky and other items, but the source suggested some key reasons why dehydration is more appealing now. These reasons can be inspiring for those who want to find a Los Angeles personal chef who knows how to use this device.

One of the biggest reasons for using a dehydrator is to keep produce and other ingredients from going to waste. When moisture is present, a food can degrade over time and rot away inside the refrigerator. In contrast, the dehydrator can turn previously unusable aspects of food into important parts of the meal.

Speaking to this point, the Times spoke to Jeremy Fox, a chef who believes that using food is a virtue unto itself.

"If I make this carrot powder out of scraps or peels and put it into something, has it necessarily elevated the dish?" he asked. "I'm not so worried about elevating it. I don't want to make it worse, but I'm using it when I could have just thrown it away and called it a day."

Having a dehydrator offers other forms of efficiency, too: chefs can free up their ovens for different uses and save time in the process, especially if they use an adjustable thermostat. There's also lots of different ways to use this machine, allowing users to experiment and discover new applications for their home.

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