Do you need a personal assistant?

Some people scoff at the idea of hiring a personal assistant, but actually PAs are part of a growing industry helping busy people handle their day-to-day lives. Maybe you've never considered it before, but a personal assistant could make a huge difference in your life. Here are some reasons you should think about it: 

  • You have kids: Children come with many scheduling responsibilities that you may not have time to handle. A PA can, for instance, make dentist appointments and also sign your child up for soccer season. Additionally, the time you save by not having to take care of these things opens your schedule to share quality experiences with your kids. A personal assistant can orchestrate violin lessons as well as you can, but only you are able to give your children invaluable family memories.
  • You have many responsibilities: If you have events to plan, a family to take care of and meetings to attend, then you might not have time to take the car to the mechanic or update your insurance policy. A PA can handle the minutiae of life so nothing is forgotten.
  • You need to focus: If you have some area of your life you need to concentrate on, whether it's work, family or a special, one time event, a personal assistant can allow you to forget about your other responsibilities and focus on your main priority.
  • You're strapped for time: If you never seem to have enough hours in the day, then a personal assistant could be a good fit for you. PAs can add a surprising amount of time to your life by taking care of time-consuming yet simple and mundane tasks, and by keeping your schedule organized and efficient. Time is our most valuable asset, and this is what a PA can deliver.

Call Colonial Domestic and we'll help you find a personal assistant who is a perfect match with your lifestyle.

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