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Does my nanny’s age matter?

When it comes to hiring for most positions, a candidate's experience can be the determining factor of whether or not he or she is qualified. A candidate with more experience is typically older, but is that necessarily beneficial for a position that can sometimes be very physically demanding like nannying? Is a younger nanny better than an older one, or vise versa?

The knowledge of an experienced nanny is extremely valuable. She has probably encountered every situation imaginable and has a plan for dealing with them successfully. She understands that it is her job to support you as a parent, and will be able to provide you with suggestions and advice about how to raise your children. Younger nannies should not be discredited as unknowledgeable or uninformed, however. Many are graduates of early childhood education degree programs and have worked at campus daycares and child study centers. They have a solid foundation in child development, and understand what caring for children on a daily basis entails.

If you are looking for a live-in nanny, a younger candidate may be a better option. She may be more open to living with the family especially if the cost of living in your area is high. An older candidate may already have a home and a family, rendering her less interested in a live-in position.

A major reason that employers are sometimes wary to hire a young nanny is that they are unsure how long she will stay in the position. Some see nannying as a transitional job, but there are others who want to make a career out of it.

Finding a qualified nanny in Los Angeles can be difficult, and you may be unsure of the type of candidate that fits your family's specific needs. If you need assistance, consider finding a nanny through Colonial Domestic Agency. We specializing in matching you with the top candidates in domestic positions. 

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