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Domestic hiring up again in NYC, but with a catch

One of the surest signs of an economic recovery is the uptick in the hiring of domestic help. This is especially true in New York City. In a recent New York Times article, several domestic staffing agencies reported that many more employers are now seeking household staff than were during the economic crisis of 2009.

As employers reassemble their staffs, many are wary of being perceived as wasteful and extravagant. Instead of having a household full of employees, the new trend is to hire fewer people who have skills in multiple areas. It is currently a buyer's market in New York, and it is not enough for an applicant to be just a good cook or caretaker. If you're looking to increase your chances of finding a domestic position in New York, we offer the following suggestions:

1. Learn to cook – Some nannies are now being asked to create meals for children. Make sure you are familiar with vegetarian and vegan cooking along with understanding how to feed children with allergies and certain food intolerances.

2. Learn another language – Families want their children to be bilingual. Mandarin is currently one of the most high-demand languages for domestic help.

3. Become skilled in household repair and maintenance – In New York, many employers are hiring drivers who can also double as handymen.

4. Become skilled in a physical activity like swimming or horseback riding – Families are looking for domestic staff that are able to entertain and interact with their children during vacations.

5. Apply for a passport – Many employers are less tolerant of employees who do not have proper clearance to travel internationally.

If you are an experienced professional in New York City looking to further your career consider applying through Colonial Domestic Agency. We are a top domestic staffing agency for many families in the area.

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