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Employee recognition matters. Here’s what you shouldn’t do

Recognizing employees is important, but recognizing them in the correct way is equally crucial. It doesn't matter whether you're a household or a corporation or working with domestic workers or white collar employees – people want to be treated the right way.

Unfortunately, many employers and (we'll safely assume) households fail to treat their employees properly.

How much does presentation matter?
Let's get right to the point: Presentation matters. In an Incentive Research Foundation study of 452 people, researchers noted that how an employer presents an award to an employee is critical to their overall satisfaction of that award.

IRF president Melissa Van Dyke noted that the study indicated that employers should focus on building award programs around presentation and professional development just as much as the actual award. Further, these awards should be employee- and company-specific. What works in one environment and for one employee may not work for another.

While Van Dyke mentioned the phrase "awards programs" in the context of corporations, the same thought applies to households. If you have a large staff of domestic workers, think about how they'd best receive rewards. Would they rather be presented in private or in front of their peers?

How do you present correctly present awards?
There's no one-way approach to presenting awards correctly. You'll need to gauge your employees and act accordingly.

For example, if you only have one domestic staff member on board (a chef or nanny), presenting them with a lavish trophy probably doesn't make much sense. The award doesn't fit the situation. But presenting them with a movie pass or gift card every once in a while can show your appreciation.

On the flip side, if you have a large crew of domestic workers, a trophy or plaque could work well. Because you're not a corporation, you really don't need to host a large awards ceremony, but you could bring together your employees during an annual barbecue and hand out awards to the top performers.

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