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Ever try squid? Personal chefs can get you closer to exotic foods

You could hire a personal chef for all sorts of reasons, from cutting back on calories to simply saving time, but one excellent use of these services is to try foods you simply haven’t before. So many options out there can be intimidating, so letting someone who knows their stuff handle it gives you all the excitement of a new meal without the challenge of doing it yourself, or the fear of messing up.

Here’s one example from the Seattle Times: preparing and eating freshly caught squid. Obviously, this won’t be for everyone, but the adventurous could theoretically turn to someone with a knowledge of seafood to help introduce this dish into their own diet.

Chef Tom Douglas told the source about the methods of preparing this food, which can vary. He spoke about the start of the squidding season, which he said was “off to a very good start” this year.

“The key to cooking squid that’s tender and delicious is to either cook it fast or cook it slow,” Douglas said. “One of the most popular ways to prepare squid is to deep fry, which is a quick cooking technique.”

He also added that “what’s important to me is that there’s a mix of both sliced rings and tentacles, and the squid is fried fast in hot oil so it’s crisp and tender, never rubbery.”

Then again, even though this may be exotic at first, squid seems to have come a long way in terms of popularity. Last summer, Bon Appetit said that squid was becoming normalized, and offered several reasons to eat it, including its cost, high protein and sustainability.

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