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Five tips for being a better chauffeur

Chauffeur jobs aren't just about driving. There are many different factors that set good chauffeurs apart from average ones. In order to make a better impression and stand out from other drivers, there are several tips you can take to heart:

  • Always know where you're going: Even if you're a "grizzled veteran" of the road and your city, make sure you are always up-to-date on detours, construction, traffic patterns and general directions. Knowing where you're going, and how to change routes on the fly in order to make better time, is an essential quality in a good chauffeur.
  • Dress well: A chauffeur is a forward-facing role, especially when driving celebrities in LA. You should always be dressed to impress, as this sets a good impression with your employer, as well as anyone he or she may be meeting.
  • Don't smoke around driving times: If you smoke, make sure you don't do it around pick-up times, and certainly never in the car. Even if your employer smokes, this could still be a turn-off.
  • Don't talk too much: The first great rule of being a chauffeur is to only spoke when spoken to. While not everyone dislikes a chatty driver, many people find their time in the car to be a quiet respite from their busy lives, and enjoying it silently is a plus.
  • Clean the back: Even if the car looks clean, sitting where your client sits to get a first hand view of what they will be seeing can reveal fingerprints, smudges and other cleanliness issues that you may not otherwise notice.

Practicing these tips can help make you more appealing as a personal driver in LA. Colonial Domestic Agency can help you go on to find the right clients for your driving skills.

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