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Food and job interviews: They have more in common than you might think

When you think of domestic help job interviews, your mind probably doesn't immediately go to food. However, there are a couple of reasons why it should. Aside from applying to be a personal chef, in which case the connection is obvious, food can impact your discussion in a couple of ways.

Before you enter the interview, the food you eat could impact your performance. Not only will you want to avoid feeling too hungry or too full, the best pre interview snacks will leave you feeling alert and prepared. That means "yes" to proteins and lean foods, as well as "no" to anything that will weigh you down or make you sleepy, like an overwhelming amount of carbs.

The timing is crucial, too, since you want to have the food well into your system and digested before the interview itself starts. You should also pay attention your water intake so you aren't thirsty during the interview itself.

But what if you're eating during the interview itself? There's a lot written on this subject, and you might not have a choice over what it is you get to eat in this situation. Instead, it's best to follow the interviewer's lead and take the meal slowly.

In that case, timing also plays a role, with it being polite to finish eating not long after the other person, even if this means leaving food on the plate unfinished. If you do have the chance to order yourself, the article said to prefer simple dishes that will make it easy to talk while eating.

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