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For personal chefs, cooking is more than just the recipes

The personal chef you hire needs to have more than just a long list of recipes under their belt: they have to have the skills necessary for preparing your meals, as well as other important tasks like shopping and planning out a menu with you. When you're considering a new chef hire, you need to think about technique as much as knowledge.

Different chefs may have their own opinions on the importance of set recipes. On the one hand, paying close attention to details allows you to manage costs, inventory and nutrition content on a dish-by-dish basis, which can make it easier to manage the food buying schedule for the household.

However, getting too attached to the original recipe's wording may prove limiting, especially if there are creative ways chefs can make a certain meal their own. This also helps demystify the process, as more experienced chefs simplify the number of ingredients and tools they need.

Slate recently called attention to the famous chef Jacques Pépin, a major figure in the industry who, the source said, goes against much of the modern cooking show conventions. By focusing on technique rather than getting too married to the recipe, Slate said that Pépin emphasizes a flexible, "democratic" cooking style that encourages his students to improvise and add to his methods.

If you've never had the chance to hire a personal chef, ask yourself which approach is more to your liking. Do you want someone who will follow exact instructions, or someone who is free to adjust things and think on the go? As long as you get the service you want, and the food you're craving, there's no wrong answer. Contact a staffing agency when you need a personal chef for hire.

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