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Former royal chef speaks about his time in Buckingham Palace

With the upcoming birth of the royal baby on everyone's mind, the former personal chef to Princess Diana and her sons William and Harry is speaking out about the favorite foods of the princes and what he thinks the newest royal will be eating. 

Darren McGrady, also known as "The Royal Chef," worked at Buckingham Palace from 1982 to 1993, and at Kensington Palace from 1993 until Princess Diana's death in 1997. He now works as a private chef in Texas.

In an interview with NBC News, McGrady said the kitchen staff prepared elaborate meals for the young royals even before they were able to eat solid foods. Their first meals consisted of steamed apples and pears from the queen's country retreat which had to be sieved twice to be sure that there were no lumps. 

"As they got older," McGrady added, "You'd have one chef in the kitchen doing the chicken, one doing the veg, and then it would all be blended together; it was a major operation cooking for them."

The chef speculated that Prince William and Kate Middleton's child would eat similar food, despite an organic food company recently giving the royals a crate of baby food packets. 

"I've certainly never seen packaged food with any of the royal babies," McGrady said to the source. "Why would they buy packaged food when the queen has 20 personal chefs?"

He did note, however, that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have not yet hired their own chef and have said that they will not hire a full-time nanny—although it's possible that their minds will change once the baby is born. 

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