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Getting creative with window cleaning

An experienced housekeeper will know ways to get a home clean that go beyond the standard options. Windows can be a big pain to those who don't know how to clean without leaving streaks behind. Even though there are lots of products out there to choose from, there's no guarantee for which is best, and the variety can make it especially confusing. What if you want a green, low-cost solution that treats your glass well?

Hiring someone who knows some classic home remedies will give you more resources for keeping windows clean, and can help you keep them in better condition in the future. One way help is by giving you recommendations for homemade cleaners.

A Window Genie blog advised using household substances, such as vinegar and hand soap, to make the right liquid. Combining them in measured amounts could give you a natural and effective alternative to abrasive mainstream cleaning products. Plus, it will teach you how to get a simple solution in a pinch.

Expert Window Cleaners' Brent Weingard told This Old House Magazine that the standard method of simply rubbing the soap over glass can actually harm the window.

"All that rubbing isn't a good idea," Brent Weingard said. "You're just moving dirt around from one spot to another and putting a static charge on the glass, which attracts dust and dirt. As soon as you finish, the window looks dirty again."

Different surfaces in your home may take special treatment to look the best. If you work with experienced housekeepers, you'll know that they've likely seen a lot of different homes and have a deep well of knowledge to draw from. Contact Colonial Domestic Agency and get ready to meet the newest members of your home staff.

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