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Getting the children you take care of ready for summer relocation

Especially for families that live in New York City, it’s very common to relocate to a cooler area on the water for the summer. Whether they’re heading upstate, out to the Hamptons, or to Cape Cod and its adjacent islands, preparing the children that you take care of for a summer away from home can be a bit of a challenge.

Even though homesickness shouldn’t be a problem –  especially if you’re going with the – small children tend to be averse to change, and might not be interested in taking on the task of packing up their belongings. However, these are essential skills to master, since they will help to teach organization that everyone needs later in life. If you’re struggling to motivate a little one to pack for a trip, try these tips:

1. Encourage them to make a list – This will enable the kids you care for to see what they will need to bring and get excited about the different aspects of their vacation. That way, packing up is fun, not daunting.

2. Finish your own packing early – It’s best to decide on what things you’ll need at the summer house early and have your bags packed in advance so you can spend the rest of the time leading up to the departure helping the child.

3. Make sure you get toys – Most children have a favorite toy, blanket, or other item that they like to bring with them everywhere they go. Be sure that you don’t leave this behind.

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