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Getting urban farm fresh produce in Orange County

Professional chefs can help their employers open their eyes to great sources of food in the Orange County or Los Angeles area. If you live around here and want to start eating local, there’s more opportunities to do so than you might think, even in unlikely places. That’s because of the growing natural food craze, which is enticing all sorts of people to try their hands at cultivating organic, delicious foods.

The definition of what constitutes as eating local may be changing. Vogue recently reported on the urban gardening trend, noting that several cities support this craze through local policies. What’s more, the movement is growing not just in the U.S., but other places around the world, especially Denmark, where these farms are reportedly part of the standard civic layout.

With someone who knows this scene guiding you, you could find something like this in your own backyard, here in Orange County. For example, the OC Register recently reported on local urban planting trends, speaking to Valerie Loew of Fullerton College. Loew outlined the factors that make this appealing to growers.

“I see a lot more people interested in urban farms and vertical farms because it puts food in the center with people,” Loew said. “We have local production, which can create new jobs. It’s a complete win. She also said that “the movement is huge, because the amount of arable land available is slim.”

Not every great local farmer may be super well-known. Do you instinctively know where to go to get great produce? Hire a personal chef, and you can get help researching and creating tasty, nutritious meals. To take the first step, contact Colonial Domestic Agency to find the best candidates for you.

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