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Giving your potential nanny a trial run

Her resume was great, she interviewed well and her references has nothing but positive things to say. So is it finally time to hire your stellar nanny applicant? Before you make any long term decisions, you may want to give your nanny a trial run. A week or a month, the duration is up to you, but this will truly give you the best idea of how well she will work with your children. In addition, it will give her the opportunity to figure out whether or not this is a position that she truly wants. 

So what should your nanny do during a trial period? Anything that you would have her do as a full-time employee, including getting your kids ready in the morning or preparing after school snacks. Be sure that either you or your spouse is at home to observe the nanny for parts of the day in order to provide feedback and suggestions. Make a note of whether or not she follows your advice in future situations. 

While you may not be able to do this for an infant or toddler, be sure that you know how your child feels about the new nanny. Their judgment may be based on superficial qualities, but they may have a few insights or have noticed things that you may not have seen.

If you plan on having your nanny drive your children around, be sure to go on a literal test drive with her. It is important to know that she is comfortable going to places like school and the pediatrician and that she is a safe driver. 

Parents interested in hiring a nanny should contact Colonial Domestic Agency today. Our skilled counselors will only match you with applicants whose skills and qualifications match your family's needs. 

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