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Good housekeepers can take feedback well

How does your ideal domestic staff handle criticism? No matter how good they are at their job, there are inevitably going to be times when you have to correct them somehow. As an employer, it might be valuable to watch how your housekeepers and other staff act when you ask them about certain decisions they made.

A key thing to watch out for is whether the person you're talking to goes on the alert immediately. If you bring up the subject politely, but firmly, there should be plenty of room for the staff member to speak frankly about their faults. You may be able to tell pretty quickly if the housekeeper is experienced in taking feedback to heart or not.

Once you've seen their initial reaction, it's also good to notice what they do next. In a 2015 piece for the Harvard Business Review, management consultant Dick Grote advised employees to ask questions when confronted with negative feedback to make sure they understand the issue. From your end, this could in turn prompt you to give sincere responses if you see the staff member trying to be productive.

Overall, a skilled employee should be able to handle an awkward confrontation like this gracefully, without denying their errors or apologizing too much. Ultimately, it's up to you to determine which responses seem the most sincere, of course. At the same time, it may be enough for someone on your domestic staff to admit that they were wrong and try to do better.

While so much of this may depend on the situation, it's nice to know from the very beginning that your domestic housekeepers are professionals. Contact Colonial for help finding employees that are guaranteed to have the experience you need.

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