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Good signs to watch for during your job interview

The job interview isn't a static process. While you're in the middle of your conversation, it may also be important to watch your interviewer for signs that you're doing well. If you notice some positive signals, it might boost your confidence and help you relax.

This is, of course, no invitation to get cocky: just be aware of what the person opposite you is doing and how they're responding to your comments. There might be more positive signs there than you would have noticed otherwise!

Business Insider recently listed some of these signs in an article about telltale language and behavior in an interview. Some of these can be obvious: if the interviewer starts using language like "you will" when discussing work, it could be a not-so-subtle sign that they're considering your future with them seriously. They could also ask you to come in for further interviews, a clear sign that they're already planning for the future.

Those might be good signs, but they're also a little on the nose. Less obvious ones can include other gestures that show they appreciate your company. They might show you around the office, take time talking to you, or take a genuine interest in your background.

Lastly, pay attention to physical signs. It's possible to read too much into this, so take it with a grain of salt. However, nods, smiles and other affirmative nonverbal cues while you talk can all be encouraging. The interviewer may send you clear signs that they're interested, in which case, you can respond with pride.

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