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“Granny Nannies” on the rise

If you were to peek into many homes in America, you'll probably see that these households are filled with older nannies opposed to teenage babysitters. Many moms and dads are favoring mature and experienced nannies to take care of their children – think Mrs. Doubtfire minus Robin William's disguise. Coined as "Granny Nannies," these older caretakers may fill the void of absent grandparents.

It seems as if both parties are benefiting from the rising demand. Many older women seek this opportunity because they enjoy the caretaking role but don't have grandchildren of their own yet. Other nannies in their sixties think they're too young to retire completely, but enjoy the flexible hours of being a nanny.

"Quite often [with] the grandmothers we get on board they do sporadic care for their own grandchildren so it complements having a nanny role and taking on other people's children. It's an extension of what they're already doing for their own families," Rachael Brough, manager of nanny agency Rockmybaby's tells the New Zealand Herald. "Families see it as a lovely caring-type scenario for their children."

In fact, Brough tells the news source that many families specifically advertise for a grandmother-aged babysitter because their children don't have grandparents and they would like to have an older person make a difference in their lives. Perhaps this new trend can be attributed to the desire to return back to traditional family values, as many parents admit that they love how their "granny nannies" aren't attached to smartphones while watching over their kids. 

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