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Help for the holidays: Nanny

The holidays are a busy time of year, sometimes requiring you to ask for outside assistance even if you normally do everything on your own. Instead of trying to juggle a million tasks at once, why don't you hire a part-time domestic service professional to give you a helping hand? Take a look at some of the reasons it may be helpful to hire a nanny around the holiday season.

  • Holiday shopping: Chances are, your little ones have quite the extensive Christmas list. But who is going to watch your children while you're off holiday shopping? You can't take your children with you because then they'll know what you're getting them. Furthermore, busy New York City department stores and small children simply don't mix. Instead of trying to deal with your kids knocking over perfume in Macy's or crying because they can't sit on Santa's lap, let a nanny take care of them. Trust us, peace and quiet time to shop by yourself is truly a miracle on 34th Street.
  • Parties: The holidays are packed with fun and festive parties, many of which are adult-only. Do you already have plans to ring in the New Year with a glass (or two) of champagne? In order to truly enjoy the festivities, ensure that your children are in good hands while you're socializing by hiring a professional nanny.

If you're looking to hire a nanny in New York City or any other domestic service professional this holiday season, be sure to contact Colonial Domestic Agency. We can match you and your children with the perfect nanny to minimize holiday stress!

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