Help for the holidays: Personal assistant

Your calendar isn't lying to you: It's already December! The shorter holiday season means there's less time to prepare for all of the festivities. From decking your halls with boughs of holly to purchasing presents on your child's long list, there's a lot to do. You may want to hire a personal assistant to give you an extra hand during this stressful time of year. How can a personal assistant alleviate your stress, you ask? Take a look at some of the tasks an assistant from Colonial Domestic Agency can help you with.

  • Decorate: If you're neighbor's house looks like a winter wonderland and your home is still messy from hosting Thanksgiving, a personal assistant can help with decorations. It's a lot easier to keep up with the Joneses if you have a helping hand. An assistant can help decorate your home, purchase new décor for you and untangle those stubborn lights that you can't seem to organize yourself.
  • Shopping: The 5th avenue shops can look more like the Central Park Zoo during the holidays, making searching for that perfect gift a stressful activity. Don't worry! A personal assistant can double as your personal shopper. Simply list out the goods you'd like to buy this season, and he or she can find them for you. Just imagine the look on your children's faces when they get everything they want this Christmas!
  • Write cards and thank-you notes: A personal assistant can tailor your Christmas cards to each recipient. Furthermore, after Christmas is over, you're going to want to send thank-you notes to your family and friends. A personal assistant can ensure that you show your appreciation.

If you're looking to hire seasonal help this holiday season, contact Colonial Domestic Agency! We'll help make your holidays even happier.

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