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Hire temporary house staff to make the holidays less stressful

While you might not have a need to hire housekeepers, a professional chef or other domestic staff, bringing some on temporarily over the holiday season can help greatly reduce stress around the most magical time of the year. Whether you're hosting your entire extended family or are just busy at home and at work, hiring some temporary domestic staff can greatly reduce tension and give you the opportunity to enjoy the holidays.

Here are a few extra tips for hiring extra help around the holidays:

Bring in cleaner – Hire some housekeepers to come in and clean your home not just before guests arrive, but afterward as well. This can ease the stress of having family over tremendously and ensure a comfortable, clean home for you afterward as well.

Cater your holiday dinners – Rather than stressing out over having to cook a Christmas dinner for 18, hire a personal chef to come in and take care of it for you. You can be choosey and select a chef that specializes in traditional or unique cuisine and impress your family with an amazing meal during their visit.

Earn some you-time – Of course, the most important part of hiring extra help around the holidays is to use the saved time for yourself. Make sure you take time to relax, rather than taking on additional tasks with the free time, or your stress levels will stay the same.

If you're looking to hire permanent or temporary household staff around the holidays, contact Colonial Domestic Agency. We can help you find the right chef, butler, housekeeper or nanny for all of your family's needs.

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