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Hiring a nanny can help kids stay active and healthy

Kids are more likely to play indoors today than in the past, which can be challenging for parents who work from home. Instead of playing football outside, kids are playing football on Xbox. Instead of acting out their own day time dramas in the backyard, they are watching scenarios play out on TV. Parents may find it difficult to stay productive and ensure their children are receiving the proper amount of attention.

This is a disturbing trend we shouldn’t ignore. Increased exposure to these alternative, technological forms of entertainment can negatively affect a child’s health. According to the Journal of Pediatrics, 67 percent of elementary school children who play a video game more than two hours per day are likely to have attention disorders.

That’s not a welcoming statistic. However, there is a solution: Get creative and hire a nanny. A nanny can supervise a child while parents work from home. Doing so can help parents stay more focused at work, as well as ensure their child is receiving the proper amount of care. For example, after a child finishes his or her homework, a nanny can persuade them to step away from the computer screen by creating a range of fun, outdoor activities.

Playing outdoors is vital to a child’s long-term physical and mental development. When regularly exposed to outdoor elements, kids are more likely to become and stay immune to disorders and allergies. They are also likely to become more fit while playing street hockey, tag with friends or riding a bike than walking from the TV to their iPad. While outdoors, kids also feel inspired to creatively respond to problems and use their imagination.

With the overly booked world parents now operate in, it can be difficult to keep track of how their children entertain themselves. Hiring a nanny solve this scheduling conflict. If you’re looking for nanny jobs or are interested in hiring a nanny, contact Colonial Domestic Agency today!

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