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Hiring a part-time nanny

While you've decided that you need help with your children from a domestic employee, you may be unsure of what role she should play and how much you need her services. Hiring a part-time nanny is a good option for busy people who need a little assistance with keeping their and their children's lives organized. An arrangement with a part-time employee is going to be markedly different from a full-time or live-in nanny, but there are a few key advantages depending on your living situation. 

  • Parenting time – Many parents worry that a nanny will have too much influence on a child's life. Only you can control how much time a part-timer will spend with the children, so the nanny will not over-shadow your presence as mother or father.
  • Privacy – It's important for families to be able to spend time alone together. That is sometimes hard to do when an employee shares a living space. 
  • Savings – Full-time nanny services can be expensive, so hiring a part-time provider will enable you to give your children a quality caregiver at an affordable rate.
  • Selective duties – If there are certain things that you like to do with or for your children, you can delegate to the nanny which things you may not have time for. You have the choice. 
  • Separation anxiety prevention – Children are more willing to accept the presence of a part-time nanny if they know that Mom or Dad will be around during the day. 

If you are looking for a part-time or full-time nanny in Los Angeles, consider working with Colonial Domestic Agency to narrow down your search. Our experienced counselors do the hard work of reviewing resumes and conducting background checks, leaving you with the most qualified applicants to interview. 

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