Home office organization for personal assistants

As a personal assistant, you can help your employer save time by organizing a neat, streamlined home office space. Here are eight tips for making an office accessible and visually appealing:

  • Color-code files. Divide file folders into categories such as medical, personal and financial. Label each folder with a different color you've assigned to its category.
  • Keep desk supplies in containers. For a less cluttered space, keep the supplies out of view in a drawer. If you're keeping them on the desk, try organizing them on a vintage tray.
  • Label financial papers with "expiration dates." It's smart to keep bank and credit card statements for awhile, but according to Real Simple you can dispose of them after about a year. Attach a label listing the date when the papers are no longer needed.
  • Make "life binders." Just as you color-coded files by category, you can divide essential information into similar categories and designate a binder for each one. This method will ensure important documents are portable and easy to locate.
  • Organize a "mail station." HGTV suggests using a container to store labeled folders for each kind of mail, dividing it into categories like incoming, outgoing, bills and to-be-filed. Sort mail into the folders as soon as it's received, and set aside time once a week to take care of the mail in each folder.
  • Reduce paper clutter with the "System of Three." Decide if each piece of paper requires follow-up action, should be filed or can be recycled.
  • Store bills in an accordion folder. Use one pocket for each month.
  • Use the walls. Save desk space by hanging bulletin boards, whiteboards, calendars and even files.

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