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Housekeeper tips: Staying safe on the job

While a private home is typically one of the safest places to work, it's possible that a housekeeper can be injured at her place of employment. We offer the following tips to keep you and your employer safe from injury:

Don't wait to clean up spills – Anything that can cause someone to slip and fall should be removed from the floor immediately.

Keep the house safe for children – If your employer's children are going to be at home at anytime during your workday, you should keep all of your cleaning materials out of their reach. In addition, buckets of water are a drowning risk for small kids, so be sure they are emptied and stored upside down once you are done with them.

Read the label on all housekeeping products – Make sure that you are using cleaning solutions only for their intended purpose. Be on the lookout for words like "caution" or "dangerous" as these items may contain hazardous chemicals. In addition, pay attention to whether or not the label says that you can mix the substance with other chemicals.

Take a daily walk through the residence – Before getting to your daily cleaning, walk through the entire home looking for obvious safety risks. Pick up toys and other loose items, close closets and cabinets not in use and clear walkways of obstructions.

If you are an experienced housekeeper looking to take the next step in your career, contact Colonial Domestic Agency today. Our experienced counselors may be able to help you find a rewarding position with an employer who desires your skills and qualifications.

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